El Baile

Mathilde Monnier & Alan Pauls



Conception and choreography Mathilde Monnier and Alan Pauls

Dramaturgy Véronique Timsit

Scenography and costume Annie Tolleter

Lighting designer Eric Wurtz

Sound creation Olivier Renouf

Musical advice Sergio Pujol

Voice coaching Barbara Togander

Choreography assitant Marie Bardet

Rehearsal assistant Corinne Garcia

Artistic advice Anne Fontanesi

International spread Julie Le Gall - Bureau Cokot

Production leader ans artistic advice Nicolas Roux

With (12 performers) : Martin Gil, Lucas Lagomarsino, Samanta Leder, Pablo Lugones, Ari Lutzker, Carmen Pereiro Numer, Valeria Lucia Polorena, Lucia Garcia Pulles, Celia Argüello Rena, Del na Thiel, Florencia Vecino, Daniel Wendler.


With the benevolence of Jean-François Guéganno. We thank Jean-Claude Penchenat, Yann Lorvo, Hélène Kelmachter, Lucie Haguenauer, Diana Theocharidis, Evelyne Loew, Natalia Uccello, Cecilia Kuska.




This is the story through time (40 years) of relationships based on desire and seduction strategies between men and women. This story is shown in a situation that crystallizes the essence of relationships and desire since it involves the body, dance, and thanks to the grace of theater and metonymy : this situation is an activity as well as it is a place : the ball. Actors express themselves without dialogues but with their bodies (acting and dancing) by establishing an intimate contact with the music that evokes the passage of time.

The piece retraces a popular history of France from the Liberation up to the 85’s. The stage writing is based on “life stories” collected in a small town of Paris’ suburbs. Performers confront those stories with their own living memory, pictures and lms and by doing so, they end up creating “characters”, some sort of archetypes that they make travel through time. It is presented more as a dance piece than as a play – by its speci c style – and will strongly impact the 80’s.

Besides, Ettore Scola shot a movie based on this project with the same theater company.



We want to create a new show based on Le Bal and to continue the process launched 30 years ago.
The main basic concepts which founded Le Bal remain : unity of place, absence of spoken text, having to tell stories only through movement and dance, travel through a country’s history, going from an era to another.

We aim to create a “contemporary” version and explore, not how “telling history”, but rather try to go further in order to express what history does to the body or make it do.

Dance, body, movement, space must remain central in the show. It is about capturing the energy or the lack of energy of each era: tired bodies, bodies that resist common body, exploded body over-energized body, body-built, athletic body, damaged body, child body, aged body, body made of prosthesis, broken body, transformed body, it’s all DANCE, and manifestation of collective imagination.



Production & spread Nicolas Roux
+33 (0) 6 24 62 71 24 / nicolas.roux@lequai-angers.eu
International sprea Julie Le Gal
+33 (0)6 12 65 62 14 / julie@bureaucokot.com


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