soapéra,an installation

 a creation of mathilde monnier and dominique figarella
world premiere february 14th and 15th . les spectacles vivants - centre pompidou . paris


Soapéra, an installation is a new version of the choreographic piece Soapéra co-created in 2009 by choreographer Mathilde Monnier and painter Dominique Figarella.
With this new version both artists chose to continue their collaboration and their adaptation of this work is definitely more plastic and performative, dedicated to the exhibition space in which the audience is at the heart of the mechanism.
Mathilde Monnier and Dominique Figarella envisioned a transposition of the material used in the stage version – the foam – to place it in the heart of the room. The audience is invited around an evolving fleeting shape that takes them away from the stage, causing their place and perspective to shift.
Indeed the generic white of the exhibition space traditionally used as a medium and frame for works undergoes a mise en abyme in a monumental-scale volume.  It materialises, making up a moving matter progressively spreading across the room, reshaping the theatrical space in a white box. The shapes that emerge are not hung up on the walls but are handled in real time before they disappear. The performance is unravelled according to a dramatic tension connected with this moment of disappearance and the foray of dancers in the audience.

conception mathilde monnier & dominique figarella
choreography mathilde monnier
visual art dominique figarella
dance yoann demichelis, julien gallée-ferré, thiago granato, jonathan pranlas
stage collaboration annie tolleter
sound olivier renouf
light design éric wurtz
costume realization laurence alquier

coproduction – soapéra, une installation centre pompidou - les spectacles vivants / centre chorégraphique national de montpellier languedoc-roussillon

coproduction - soapéra (theater version)
festival montpellier danse 2010 / centre pompidou - les spectacles vivants / festival d’automne - paris / künstlerhaus mousonturm frankfurt et tanzlabor_21 / centre chorégraphique national de montpellier languedoc-roussillon

dominique figarella’s piece realised in the frame of “la commande publique du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (direction générale de la création artistique/direction régionale des affaires culturelles du languedoc-roussillon.)