En chinoiseries

i fang lin with françois marry



In 1990 the Taiwanese dancer I-Fang Lin arrived in France. That same year the choreographer Mathilde Monnier and the jazz composer Louis Sclavis created the duet « Chinoiserie ». Chiseled to the millimeter, body slicing thru space, this dance explores the contours of a choreography that unfolds with the detailed accuracy of Chinese figurines.
It is with this same precision and strength of interpretation that I-Fang Lin became 10 years later a leading dancer of Mathilde Monnier, remarkable for her immense stage presence and flawless technique that synthesizes a peaceful Asian calm and powerful game dynamics with invention of movement developed from her training and experience in the occident. Nourished with the cleavage of East-West relevant to her personal history, I-Fang, « the Chineses », has today arrived at her first creation with
« Chinoiserie » as her starting point.
As a duet with the musician François Marry, group leader of Francois & The Atlas Mountains, « En Chinoiseries » operates like a new country to be inhabited between two personalities who share the same space, but also between two continents, two cultures, and two temporalities. In this creation I-Fang Lin proposes a reflection around the star-attitude, the fantasy of being a unique person. Exposed and adored the duration of an artistic career, musical or choreographic, or just the time of a song.
This exploration is primarily an interrogation into the internal workings that go into making an artists career. It’s also an opportunity to bring out the emotional links between the individual on stage and the watching crowd of anonymous faces.
« En Chinoiseries » is an invitation to navigate in the company of I-Fang Lin sailing thru the archipelago of her memories, her history, confronting contemporary European art with Chinese and Taiwanese repertories of the 50’s and 60’s. Through a series of dance sequences interspersed with short stories the viewer travels in the tales of traditional China, in the Taiwanese night markets, and in the kitch of karaoke boxes. With tenacity and humor both artists take turns modeling the pieces of repertory and lead us to the edge of the invisible, which is the source of Iive performance.


Choreography and dance I-Fang Lin
original music and interpretation François Marry
Light Julie Valette
Outside view Mathilde Monnier
Production Vincent Cavaroc et Fanny Herserant / Illusion & macadam + Association MM
Coproduction Centre National de la Danse, TAP - Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers, Centre chorégraphique national de la Rochelle, Centre Pompidou - Paris
With the support of Montpellier Danse and Charleroi Danses


This piece is supported by DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon and Région Languedoc-Rioussillon



i-Fang lin / François marry : a meeting

In 2012, François Marry calls upon I-Fang Lin to prepare a new series of concerts. Although the group had no connection with contemporary dance, movement plays an important role in the shows.
I-Fang helped them to manage body energy, to adjust the pre-stage presence with the best use of physical resources in the midst of the amps, instruments, electrical cables as well as in the midst of sound. Immediacy is the first quality of pop-rock, the musical style in which Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains evolve.
From this register, François likes to find formulas that take the listener-viewer to a rhythmic and open contemplation, in which we can choose to dream either standing or dancing in groups. It is this relation of immediacy to the body through sound that François wishes to continue to develop.




i-Fang Lin born in Taiwan, living in France since 89, is an active choreographic artist both in France and internationally. She has worked with Mathilde Monnier, Christian Rizzo, François Verret, Emmanuelle Huynh, Didier Theron, Patarozzi Jacques, Pierre Droulers, Dominique Figarella, Philippe Katerine, eRikm, Rino- cerose, Louis Sclavis, Fabrice Ramalingom, Anne Collod Didier Theron, Kosei Yamamoto ... Practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method, I-Fang LIN gives workshops in France and abroad, including: CCN Montpellier, Royaumont Foundation, PREAC workshop improvisation / choreographic, most often integrating this practice with the dance.Since 2010, she has accompanied the artists who wish to re ne their stage presence, among them Nicole Rechain, Frànçois & the Atlas Mountain, Didier Galas, André Dussolier, Maguelone Vidal during their productions. She proposes work on physicality, based on observation and awareness through the movement.


François Marry is an author composer/singer, multi-instrumentalist, who rst emerged as a soloist before forming the group, «François & The Atlas Mountains,» which, in a few years, became the first French signatory of this English « school », counting in its ranks Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Bonnie Prince Billy or Franz Ferdinand.The music of François & The Atlas Mountains is increasingly broadcasted and concerts are multiplying at a marathon pace (Cicada, Centre George Pompidou, Rock Festivals Scene, Eurockéennes, Francopholies, Route du Rock ...).




- november 8, 2016 : TAP - Poitiers (world premiere)

- november 17, 18 & 19, 2016 : Centre Pompidou - Paris

- march 1, 2017 : Montpellier Danse

- march 3, 2017 : Festival tanz platform / Le Quartz - Brest
- may 17, 2017 : Théâtre de la Ville d’Aurillac