A Dance Climax — Mathilde Monnier & La Manufacture

Creation 2021
Choreography Mathilde Monnier
With the students of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, promotion D: Hortense de Boursetty, Colline Cabanis, Milo Gravat, Délia Krayenbuhl, Gabriel Obergfell, Ludovico Paladini, Fabio Zoppelli, Bastien Hippocrate
Assistant choreographer Simon Wehrli
Technique Ian Lecoultre, Céline Ribeiro
Music Nils Frahm

Co-produced by ADC, Festival Antigel and La Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scene, Lausanne

French choreographer Mathilde Monnier offers a piece called A Dance Climax, which plays freediving and the breath of dance. She draws students into a common breathing to protect the future, an attempt to make the invisible visible.