Training in the direction of artists graduating from art schools

With Mathilde Monnier and Robert Cantarella
at the Tropisme Hall - Montpellier

25> 29 October 2021
14> 25 February 2022
30 October > 9 November 2023

In this period of pandemic and health crisis, a generation of artists has been particularly affected by the crisis, it is the artists who are graduating from art schools.
Indeed, they find themselves in a precarious situation at a time when, following the Covid crisis, all tours are stopped, the productions of shows have been suspended and there are many uncertainties concerning the integration of these young people on the labor market. Few new productions, no casting or audition prospect, little way to show work in progress. This generation is penalized both by a production bottleneck and a lack of visibility of the work in progress leading to precarious and penalizing situations. The situation is alarming for these young people who are suffering the full brunt of the crisis and find themselves facing a blind future.
Faced with this situation, in order to offer mechanisms for meetings, exchanges and visibility, the Halle Tropisme and the artists Robert Cantarella and Mathilde Monnier are offering a 3-week training course for artists who have left for the past two years.

A training that brings together two disciplines, theater and dance, staging and choreography. It's rare enough to be noted! Theater and dance have little opportunity to work together and bond. While in most major theater schools today choreographic artists are invited to teach, there is no need for reversibility. It is therefore in view of this lack and in a concern to work on the link and interdisciplinary encounters that this training is conceived. Strengthening the links between disciplines also means creating new networks, new alliances, new ways of thinking and ways of creating. It is in this dynamic at the crossroads of our practices that the heart of this training and its originality is thought.