Please Please Please

mathilde monnier, la ribot & tiago rodiguez



Création le 5 septembre 2019 au Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne


conception La Ribot - Mathilde Monnier - Tiago Rodrigues

with La Ribot, Mathilde Monnier

lighting designer Éric Wurtz

translation Thomas Resendes

scenography Annie Tolleter, La Ribot, Mathilde Monnier

costume designers La Ribot, Mathilde Monnier

costumer Marion Schmid, Letizia Compitiello

music & sound Nicolas Houssin

Executive Production Le Quai Centre Dramatique National Angers Pays de la Loire

Supported by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès within the framework of the New Settings Program


In coproduction with Teatros del Canal, Madrid (Spain) ; Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (Swiss) ; Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, Paris (France) ; Festival d’Automne à Paris (France) ; Comédie de Genève (Swiss) ; Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Lisbonne (Portugal) ; Teatro Municipal do Porto (Portugal) ; Le Parvis scène nationale Tarbes Pyrénées (France) ; Theaterfestival Boulevard (Netherlands) ; Les Hivernales - CDCN d’Avignon (France) ; BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (Norway) ; Compagnie MM ; La Ribot-Genève. Supported by OPART/Estúdios Victor Córdon.




The poetic languages originating from La Ribot and Mathilde Monnier’s dancing and Tiago Rodrigues’ theater have initiated a dialogue staging and probing the visions of two generations faced with ecological urgency. On stage, two women talk to their sons and daughters about the future world, bear witness to its evolution and share their vibrant thoughts on a humanity on the road to ruin… A confession on what both of them could, managed to put into play in order to take care of or preserve their environment, but also on what they could not achieve – shortcomings, admissions of failure.

“For the bears to be able to live, for bees to keep living, for us to avoid the catastrophe, to keep believing”, to allow ourselves to dream… 

And the children reply to them…

Please, listen to me!

Like doubles, Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot dance to stage this fragile transmission from one generation to another, embarking into a cockroach dance, for instance; like elves, they haunt the theater…





Production & spread Nicolas Roux
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International sprea Julie Le Gal
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