city maquette

city maquette
creation in november 2007 at centre chorégraphique de montpellier, in the framework of hors séries program

choreography mathilde monnier / music heiner goebbels 
choreography assistant rita quaglia, florian bilbao, anne lopez
stage designe annie tolleter
light and technical direction thierry cabrera
sound and video management marc coudrais
stage management jean-christophe minart
with the participation of 60 amateurs

In 1996, Heiner Goebbels composed Surrogate Cities, one of his most virtuoso operas. The theme of this opera is an attempt at different inroads to the city: narrating something about cities, exposing oneself to cities, keeping a close eye on cities. City maquette is a show which involves amateurs who come from various communities of each city where it is performed. More than 60 people of all generation share the stage and their fantastic imagination about the city.


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