2008 vallee

mathilde monnier & katerine
world premiere 24.25.26 février 06 à la ferme du buisson - scène nationale de marne-la-vallée (en coproduction avec ARCADI)


2008 vallée is an extrapolation on texts and music fromKaterine’s latest album “Robots apres tout”. It is also an initiatoryjourney into the universe of this unusual singer. Over an apparentlyblank setting, music is in the foreground and prior to dance. However,seven characters in search of ‘the other’ are going to find out aboutsinging or about dancing as if a new territory to be conquered, to beoccupied.
The stories behind the songs intermingle with gestural fictions; a formwithout hierarchy emerges between these two worlds. No musicalinstruments, just voices and bodies that embark on skewing the songsand ousting the position of singer and choreographer.
2008 vallée is a near future, genuinely utopian, utterlyfictitious and slightly hippie. It is also a landscape that isdeceptively lunar, deceptively swollen, but at the heart of a down toearth encounter between these artists’ worlds.

a show by and with philippe katerine and mathilde monnier
with julien gallée-ferré, natacha kouznetsova, i-fang lin, éric martin, maud le pladec
original score katerine
choreography assistant herman diephuis
stage design annie tolleter
lightening design éric wurtz
stage sound olivier renouf
costume design dominique fabrègue

co-commissioned ARCADI – action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en île-de-france, de la résidence à la ferme du buisson – scène nationale de marne la vallée, les spectacles vivants - centre pompidou, festival montpellier danse 2006, barclay, olympic tour, centre chorégraphique national de montpellier languedoc-roussillon
with the support of ADAMI


Katerine danse avec Mathilde
Le Nouvel Observateur - 24/07/2008
décoiffe-moi délicieusement
360° (suisse) - 17/02/2007
les genevois vont adorer regarder danser katerine
tribune de genève - 14/02/2007
Mathilde Monnier danse Katerine
Le monde 2 - 24/06/2006
Katerine et ses katerinettes
Libération - 19/05/2006
Monstre génial sur scène
Jalouse - 01/05/2006
Grands airs et petits pas
Les échos - 21/04/2006